About Me

I am a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in History of War and Society and a double major in Communications. Searching for a position to launch my career in the fields of journalism, research,  editorial, broadcasting and news media work.

I currently work as a freelance reporter and photographer for the Lehigh Valley Press, a family of weekly local papers servicing Lehigh County, with my particular focus being the city of Allentown, and the Parkland and Northwestern School Districts. I have been responsible for covering local and state political events, press conferences, court trials, cultural and holiday celebrations, and other community events.

I also serve as a volunteer news program host and news writer with WDIY 88.1 Lehigh Valley Public Radio for weekday broadcasts of NPR's All Things Considered and Fresh Air, where I am responsible for working the board and providing local news coverage and up-to-date weather and traffic information.